Because we are one big family, we have launched DEALS with one goal in mind - integrating our capabilities together to benefit everyone we know.

Driven by our passion for serving and rewarding our loyal customers, we decided to partner with a continuously growing network of recommended suppliers and business partners to bring you the best deals in the market.

DEALS has been created as a special place for you to find what you want. Also, you may have something to sell whether it is new or used. You can, eve, suggest a brilliant idea and see us striving to achieve it with you.


The main body of our community is Vidukation students together with their families, teachers, friends and everyone connected with those parties.

We are introducing our continuously growing network of recommended suppliers and business partners to the community. Those will guarantee you always have access to the best possible products and services.

Our passion for excellence has guided us from the beginning and continues to drive us into the future to make the DEALS experience as rewarding as possible to the entire community.